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Adin Walker (Director/Choreographer, JACQMIN FAMILY IN THE PETRIFIED FOREST and PAS DE DEUX FOR A MICROWAVE NIGHT) — Adin is often out dancing with faeries.

Alex Dremann (Playwright, THE PHYSICS OF NOW) — Alex studied playwriting at USC and has had over 300 productions of his short plays. Full lengths include: “Split Pea Pod” (The Brick Playhouse), “Postcoital Variations” (Philadelphia Theatre Workshop) and “The :nv:s:ble Play” (Madlab Theatre & Theatre of NOTE).

Alex Lopez (Actor, Gerry; Dad, PAS DE DEUX FOR A MICROWAVE NIGHT and JACQMIN FAMILY IN THE PETRIFIED FOREST) — Alex is an enthusiastic story teller who recently re-discovered the vibrant art DC community.

Annie Ottati (Actor, Althea, ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN) — As a DC native, Annie Ottati is proud and excited to be performing in the Source Festival.

Aubri O'Connor (Actor, Mel, FRELMETCH THE MANEATER) — Aubri O'Connor is always excited to be released from the Nu Sass cage, and allowed to play with theater kids in other theaters!

Axandre Oge (Actor, Five and Kevin, FUGUE FOR AMOROUS TORNADOS and THE FERBERIZING OF CORAL) — Oge, a millennial tornado, would like to thank his director and cast mate for being absolutely wonderful and the Source Festival for the opportunity to act.


Brendan McMahon (Actor, Dwayne; Paul; Russian Dance; Latin Stud; Ensemble, PAS DE DEUX FOR A MICROWAVE NIGHT and JACQMIN FAMILY IN THE PETRIFIED FOREST) — Brendan McMahon is a native actor to the D.C. area and will pet every dog he can.


Carissa Gilson (Assistant Stage Manager and Stage Manager, 10-Minute Plays and F*ck la vie d’artiste) — Carissa is excited to be working with Source Festival for her first time after finishing a whole season with Constellation Theatre Company.

Carol Spring (Actor, Janet; Whatever Itakes, SOME PEOPLE SAY and GOTTA GETHERE WHATEVER ITAKES VERSUS MR. CHAOS) — Carol Spring is crazy excited to be part of the Source Festival this year, and her life goals include making small children laugh.

Chelsea Marcantel (Playwright, THIS IS THE BIG ONE) — Chelsea Marcantel is a playwright raised in Louisiana, who cut her teeth in Chicago, and went to Juilliard in NYC; she is interested in humans as small group primates.

Clancey Yovanovich (Actor, Leah; Dagney, AMENITIES and THE PHYSICS OF NOW) — Clancey is thrilled to be steamin' up the stage in her very first Source Festival and wants to thank her silly cast for all the laughs!

Chloe Mikal (Actor, Kara; Merwood, THREAT LEVEL: CREAM and THE EMPEROR’S BIG, FAT, NAKED REVOLUTION) — Chloe is a recent DC transplant and is currently contemplating adopting another cat. Thoughts?

Cody Whitfield (Master Electrician, all shows) — Cody has been in theatre production for the last eleven years, and is excited to spend early mornings and late nights at Source!

Connor Hogan (Director, THREAT LEVEL: CREAM and THE EMPEROR’S BIG, FAT, NAKED REVOLUTION) — Connor Hogan is a theatre maker who loves tacos almost as much as he loves Der Verfremdungseffekt and starting this August, he'll be pursuing a Master's Degree in Devised Theatre through the Pig Iron Theatre School; he hopes you enjoy the various objects he's put in front of penises.

Cristina M. Ibarra (Actor, Daughter, JACQMIN FAMILY IN THE PETRIFIED FOREST) — Ibarra is an actor, director, and playwright who loves their family and is a proud alumn of Mother Goose Preschool, class of '97.


Danielle Nicole Scott (Actor, Millie Martindale, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — "Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences." – Sylvia Plath

Darren Marquardt (Actor, Dr. Jump, ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN) — Darren is thrilled to be a part of this years Source Festival

David Walsh (Actor, Martin; Coughlin, AMENITIES and THE PHYSICS OF NOW) — David is happy to be making his Source Festival debut among such talented company.

Dylan Hares (Actor, Zachary, SOME PEOPLE SAY) — In a bold career move, Dylan finally upgraded to Spotify premium.


Ed Cardona, Jr. (Playwright, RIP 60, Z SPLIT, HOT READ) — Ed Cardona, Jr. tried to take up surfing, he settled on playwriting instead.

E-hui Woo (Lighting Designer, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT and all 10-Minute Plays) — E-hui is proudly custom made and imported from Singapore to fit in most catwalks, and when she's not at her freelance day job, she is a (moon)lighting designer.

Eileen Goodrich (Stage Manager, ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN) — She's a 22-year-old stage manager, opera lover, petter-of-dogs, adventurer and artist who is very excited to be working for Source Festival for the first time.

Elena Velasco (Director, THE FERBERIZING OF CORAL and FUGUE FOR AMOROUS TORNADOS) — Elena's superpowers include choreographing fabric, rehearsing many projects at once, and slamming out 7 breakfasts and lunches before 8am every single day.


Fabiolla Da Silva (Actor, Piper; Karen, FUGUE FOR AMOROUS TORNADOS, THE FERBERIZING OF CORAL) — Fabiolla is fairly certain this is her first and last time playing a tornado.


Gabriel Jason Dean (Playwright, FUGUE FOR AMOROUS TORNADOS) — Gabriel Jason Dean wishes he could surf a tornado, or even just surf a wave for that matter.

Genevieve James (Actor, Cindy, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — When she's not onstage, Genevieve also answers to the name Kenneth's mom.

Georgette Kelly (Playwright, F*ck la vie d’artiste) — Georgette writes visual, poetic plays about ghosts and lesbians (among other things).

Gregory Hischak (Playwright, AMENITIES) — Gregory Hischak writes plays and curates the Edward Gorey House in Yarmouth Port, MA.


Hilary Kelly (Actor, Alice, THIS IS THE BIG ONE) — Hilary Kelly was once described as a human Seinfeld episode.

Hilary Morrow (Actor, Empress Drusilla; Conductor, THE EMPEROR’S BIG, FAT, NAKED REVOLUTION and THREAT LEVEL: CREAM) — Hilary Morrow is a DC-based musical theatre actor who thrives on belting show tunes and telling face-palm-worthy puns until those around her are in physical pain from sheer frustration and (hopefully) laughing too hard.



Jack Novak (Actor, Jim Baxter, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — Jack is a playwright, actor, teaching artist, improviser, clown, mime, and amateur juggler/musician who is really great at making scrambled eggs.

Jacob Young (Director, THIS IS THE BIG ONE and RIP 60, Z SPLIT, HOT READ) — Jacob Young is a teaching artist, director, and a tried and true Hufflepuff.

Jared Strange (Playwright, THE EMPEROR’S BIG, FAT, NAKED REVOLUTION) — Jared is a writer, educator, scholar, theatre artist, and aspiring adult who rarely writes about his own life and certainly didn't make an exception with this play you are about to see.

Jennifer Clements (Collaborating Artist, Artistic Blind Date: EXQUISITE DEPTHS) — Jennifer is a muppet philosopher who plays with words.

Jennifer Lyons Pagnard (Actor, Kitty Sunderson, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — After retiring from the Air Force in 2015, Jennifer Lyons Pagnard is "living her dream" performing in local professional theatres such as The Keegan Theatre, 1st Stage and the Source Theatre and is looking forward to her next appearance in the D.C. premiere of "Amazing Grace" at the Museum of the Bible in northwest D.C.

Jennifer Osborn (Box Office Manager) — Jennifer is in her third year as Box Office manager for Source Festival as well as Booking & Events Associate for CulturalDC.

Jessica Cancino (Set Designer, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — Venezuelan artist, aspiring gypsy, designer and bookworm.

John Bavos (Playwright, THREAT LEVEL: CREAM) — John Bavoso is a playwright, book/theatre reviewer, and marketer who loves unicorns more than most things.

Jon Reynolds (Actor, Bob, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — Jon Reynolds is a taco dreaming he's a man, (who, last night, dreamt he was a taco).

Jonathan M. Rizzardi (Actor, Trodd; Rusty, THE EMPEROR’S BIG, FAT, NAKED REVOLUTION, THREAT LEVEL: CREAM) — Jonathan M. Rizzardi is a Washington, D.C. area actor/director/musician, passionate theatre educator, and staunch supporter of vanilla gelato.

Julia M. Hurley (Director, THE PHYSICS OF NOW and AMENITIES) — Julia Hurley gets to boss people around for a living.


Karen Lange (Actor, Voices, FRELMETSCH THE MANEATER) — Music maker & dreamer of dreams.

Kazi Jones (Actor, Kathy; Mom, PAS DE DEUX FOR A MICROWAVE NIGHT and JACQMIN FAMILY IN THE PETRIFIED FOREST) — Kazi is an NC Native who's never met a mic she won't karaoke into and knows that confronting what you fear can lead to unimaginable opportunities.

Kelsey Murphy (Actor, Annie Jump, ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN) — Kelsey Murphy is an actor, improviser, sometimes stand up comedian and all the time narcissist who in her free time can be found commenting on her embarrassing Facebook statuses from 2008.

Kevin Boudreau (Actor, Derek; Coach D, THIS IS THE BIG ONE and RIP 60, Z SPLIT, HOT READ) — Massachusetts native looking to make his mark in the D.C. performing world.

Kevin McGuinness (Actor, Ted, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) No tattoos, no kids, no debt, no worries.

Kira Burri (Actor, Avery, F*ck la vie d’artiste) — Kira is a DC actor and does not talk to famous dead artists...yet.

Kyla Duff (Scenic and Props Intern and Props for 10-Minute Plays and PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — Kyla Duff is a recent graduate of Ball State University and has just moved to Washington DC to pursue a career as a Scenic Designer.


Laura Wood (Stage Manager, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — Laura Wood is so thrilled to be back at Source for Perfect Arrangement, round 2!

Lee Cromwell (Associate Producer, ALL) — Lee just can't seem to get enough of the Source Festival.

Lila Rachel Becker (Director, F*ck la vie d’artiste) — Lila Rachel Becker creates highly theatrical plays that engage with contemporary power structures, cooks very spicy food, and travels places on foot.

Linda Bard (Actor, Elsie, THIS IS THE BIG ONE) — Linda Bard loves to perform!!

Lindsay Williams (Actor, Claudia; Professor, AMENITIES and THE PHYSICS OF NOW) — Lindsay has wanted to be an actress and musician since the womb, and loves where she is now.

Lori Fischer (Playwright, GOTTA GETHERE WHATEVER ITAKES VERSUS MR. CHAOS) — Lori is looking for the next best most loving step.

Lori Pitts (Actor, Little Girl; Neighbor; OK Cupid Cathy, JACQMIN FAMILY IN THE PETRIFIED FOREST and PAS DE DEUX FOR A MICROWAVE NIGHT) — Lori Pitts is an actor, director, teaching artist, and Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner who is constantly answering questions about her height, her basketball playing ability, and whether or not she's Ethiopian.


Mark Platenberg (Composer, THROUGH THE WALL) — Mark Platenberg is a human being.

Mark Saunders (Playwright, SOME PEOPLE SAY) — Mark Saunders is a wordy cartoonist with a short attention span.

Mary Myers (Actor, Norma, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — Mary Myers is an actor, singer, and Teaching Artist based in the DC area!

Matthew Capodicasa (Playwright, FRELMETSCH THE MANEATER) — Matthew types feverishly, arranging ink spots on pages that other people can have fun making into sound, light, and story.

Matthew Castleman (Actor, Vincent, F*ck la vie d’artiste) — Matthew Castleman once delivered a Shakespeare monologue to a stuffed triceratops and also writes middle grade fiction under the name M.E. Castle.

Megan Behm (Director, ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN) — Megan Behm is a director who loves very old plays and very new plays.

Meredith Barnes (Choreographer, Artistic Blind Dates) — Meredith Barnes is a dance choreographer and director of DanceArtTheater, a D.C.-based modern dance company.

Michael Bannigan Jr. (Actor, Morris; Jake, AMENITIES and THE PHYSICS OF NOW) — Michael is super stoked to be a part of the festival this year!


Nate Shelton (Actor, KJ, ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN) — He like words. He strings them together. He says them. He makes them up.

Nick Duckworth (Actor, Beanie; Fred, RIP 60, Z SPLIT, HOT READ and THIS IS THE BIG ONE) — Nick grew up in the mountains, studied at the beach, and now contributes to the swamp.

Nick Martin (Director, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — Nick is constantly struggling, and often failing, against impulses toward verbose verbiage to achieve concision.



Patrick Flynn (playwright, THE FERBERIZING OF CORAL) — Patrick perfected the art of the calotype only one-hundred years after it became obsolete.

Paz Lopez (Actor, Sister; Gina; Liza; Rave girl, PAS DE DEUX FOR A MICROWAVE NIGHT and JACQMIN FAMILY IN THE PETRIFIED FOREST) — Paz Lopez is an actress from Santiago, Chile. For the moment, she finds herself working in the D.C metro area as a bilingual actress (Spanish and English).



Rachael Murray (Director, FRELMETSCH THE MANEATER) — Rachael Murray is a director and is stoked to be returning to the Source Festival again!

Rebecca Wahls (Director, SOME PEOPLE SAY and GOTTA GETHERE WHATEVER ITAKES VERSUS MR. CHAOS) — Rebecca is super busy!

Reina Hardy (Playwright, ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN) — Playwright: sometimes science, usually magic.

Robert Pike (Sound Designer, 10-Minute Plays) — Robert Pike is a theatre artist in the DC area.


Sam Rollin (Assistant Stage Manager, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT; Stage Manager, FRELMETSCH THE MANEATER) — This is Sam's first professional Stage Manager job, and she is thrilled to have the chance to work with Source Festival!

Sara E. Cohen (Dramaturg, All 10-Minute Plays) — Sara E. Cohen is a dramaturg, arts marketer and the host of the musical theatre history webseries "The Musical Show."

Sharon King (Assistant Producer for the Source Festival) — Sharon really sucks at writing bios.

Steve Lewis (Playwright, PAS DE DEUX FOR A MICROWAVE NIGHT) — Steve Lewis strives to live every day like it's a Mad Libs story: Toaster strudel exacerbates in the nunchuck store.


Tamieka Chavis (Actor, Ensemble, ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN) — A creative who loves life, and be actin' and stuff :)

Thais Menendez (Actor, Zenab, F*ck la vie d’artiste) — Thais was named after a tragic opera by Massenet, which is ironic considering nothing about her life is a tragedy.

Thomas Shuman (Actor, OK Cupid Gerry; Owner; Cab Driver, PAS DE DEUX FOR A MICROWAVE NIGHT and JACQMIN FAMILY IN THE PETRIFIED FOREST) — Thomas Shuman is ecstatic to be in his first ever professional acting gig and so happy that you (yes, you) are in this particular seat for this particular show.

Toni Rae Salmi (Actor, Barbara Grant, PERFECT ARRANGEMENT) — Toni Rae is on break from grad school loves that she gets to practice art instead of just studying it.

Torin Lusebrink (Actor, Jason, FRELMETSCH THE MANEATER) — Torin is very excited to make his Source Festival debut and looks forward to seeing you all in the audience.

Tracey Erbacher (Collaborator, EXQUISITE DEPTHS) — Tracey is a local director and artistic director (Theatre Prometheus) who can usually be found running in too many directions at once.







Zoe Walpole (Actor, Amanda; Gotta Gethere; SOME PEOPLE SAY and GOTTA GETHERE WHATEVER ITAKES VERSUS MR. CHAOS) — Zoe is an actor, student, and cookie enthusiast.

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